BRD's Foregotten Realms

Der Pumpenickel Doppelganger 1/30/10

1) A dark spirit of olde that blights the land.
2) Appears to each person who sees him as a dark duplicate of themselves
3) He can assume the form of any living creature/being
4) His form is True and can be multiples of people simultaneously, an army even
5) To Evil beings it appears as a grotesque simulacrum of themselves. So much so, that no matter the depths of depravity the evil doer has succumbed to, they find it frightening
6) He has existed for thousands of years in many tales
7) It is not known if he is alive, dead, undead, or immortal
8) His only desire is RUIN
9) No one knows why he chooses a location, just that it never ends well
10) An olde-elven tale claims he first appeared as the first “Mud men”/humans learned to cultivate the land
11) Dwarven tales state he was Moradins first attempt to shape “Mankind” but when he looked upon it he saw that it was flawed and threw it to the ground
12) Warriors claimed their weapons simply passed through it
13) Arcanists and priests claimed their spells failed to affect him
14) One wild claim states the doppelganger is somehow linked to the Tarrasque
15) Wise-women hold that the Doppelganger struck out at his love and accidentally killed her. Ever since he was cursed to bare the burden of killing the only thing that loved him. Until he finds another such love, he walks Toril destroying everything he comes into contact with. His black heart hardens with each passing Age
16) The lands he visits experience Blights of such great magnitude that the kingdoms fall and crumble
The King Dies on the Plains in Mortal combat with a Spectral resemblance of himself. All but 2 of his hunting party were slain. The bodies were retrieved and examined by the Kings royal physician. The bodies show no signs of combat but for a few bruises on their chests, with a large one centered above the heart.
The two surviving warriors are awaiting interrogation. You gain little new information from them; their stories match what you have already garnered. After their interviews, the two men are released. They are seen heading to the shop of a man known only as Shaman. There the two men and Shaman are followed to the site of the Kings defeat. They begin an olde ritual of binding. For 2 days the warriors chant and wail, purging their souls. A long process of scarring and spirit-journey, the warriors emerge oathe bound to the destruction of Der Pumpenickel Doppelganger. They arrive at the funeral pyre blank-faced and ask to speak to their lord prior lighting. Otto, as the larger of the two is called, cries out to the heavens telling his sovereign “I have failed you my King, my kinsman, my friend. It is with the Fury of Auril herself that we shall blow across this land in search of this fiend. Fight we shall with the rage of Tempus. Mercy given with the heart of Cyric. Orcus himself will fear the darkness of our souls until the death of this foul fiend. And upon his death we will soar upon the winds with the spirit of the Phoenix, rising to meet you in celebration on the fields of the great hunt. “ They turn to the gathering and in unison proclaim, “ Woe to he who attempts to detour our will. For it is bound that we will stop at naught till the death of Der Pumpenickel Doppelganger!” The crowd parts as they leave. Tears stream and cries
Inside the dark cavern, you notice an unusual luminescence and realize the cavern is perfectly smooth and spherical. The walls seem to pulse slightly, slowly in and out as the rise and fall of some great sleeping titan’s chest. The air smells of the ocean though there is no water here that you can see. Ahead you see what appears to be a cliff face. At the bottom, a fang-toothed “shoreline” menacing in appearance like the teeth of some legendary leviathan. Above the break, hovers in mid-air a troubled soul trapped between life and death. The struggle carved upon his aged face. Dangling beneath him is a beard that would make a Kara-Turan Martial Master envious. He seems to not notice your presence.



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