BRD's Foregotten Realms

Der Pumpenickel Doppelganger 1/30/10

1) A dark spirit of olde that blights the land.
2) Appears to each person who sees him as a dark duplicate of themselves
3) He can assume the form of any living creature/being
4) His form is True and can be multiples of people simultaneously, an army even
5) To Evil beings it appears as a grotesque simulacrum of themselves. So much so, that no matter the depths of depravity the evil doer has succumbed to, they find it frightening
6) He has existed for thousands of years in many tales
7) It is not known if he is alive, dead, undead, or immortal
8) His only desire is RUIN
9) No one knows why he chooses a location, just that it never ends well
10) An olde-elven tale claims he first appeared as the first “Mud men”/humans learned to cultivate the land
11) Dwarven tales state he was Moradins first attempt to shape “Mankind” but when he looked upon it he saw that it was flawed and threw it to the ground
12) Warriors claimed their weapons simply passed through it
13) Arcanists and priests claimed their spells failed to affect him
14) One wild claim states the doppelganger is somehow linked to the Tarrasque
15) Wise-women hold that the Doppelganger struck out at his love and accidentally killed her. Ever since he was cursed to bare the burden of killing the only thing that loved him. Until he finds another such love, he walks Toril destroying everything he comes into contact with. His black heart hardens with each passing Age
16) The lands he visits experience Blights of such great magnitude that the kingdoms fall and crumble
The King Dies on the Plains in Mortal combat with a Spectral resemblance of himself. All but 2 of his hunting party were slain. The bodies were retrieved and examined by the Kings royal physician. The bodies show no signs of combat but for a few bruises on their chests, with a large one centered above the heart.
The two surviving warriors are awaiting interrogation. You gain little new information from them; their stories match what you have already garnered. After their interviews, the two men are released. They are seen heading to the shop of a man known only as Shaman. There the two men and Shaman are followed to the site of the Kings defeat. They begin an olde ritual of binding. For 2 days the warriors chant and wail, purging their souls. A long process of scarring and spirit-journey, the warriors emerge oathe bound to the destruction of Der Pumpenickel Doppelganger. They arrive at the funeral pyre blank-faced and ask to speak to their lord prior lighting. Otto, as the larger of the two is called, cries out to the heavens telling his sovereign “I have failed you my King, my kinsman, my friend. It is with the Fury of Auril herself that we shall blow across this land in search of this fiend. Fight we shall with the rage of Tempus. Mercy given with the heart of Cyric. Orcus himself will fear the darkness of our souls until the death of this foul fiend. And upon his death we will soar upon the winds with the spirit of the Phoenix, rising to meet you in celebration on the fields of the great hunt. “ They turn to the gathering and in unison proclaim, “ Woe to he who attempts to detour our will. For it is bound that we will stop at naught till the death of Der Pumpenickel Doppelganger!” The crowd parts as they leave. Tears stream and cries
Inside the dark cavern, you notice an unusual luminescence and realize the cavern is perfectly smooth and spherical. The walls seem to pulse slightly, slowly in and out as the rise and fall of some great sleeping titan’s chest. The air smells of the ocean though there is no water here that you can see. Ahead you see what appears to be a cliff face. At the bottom, a fang-toothed “shoreline” menacing in appearance like the teeth of some legendary leviathan. Above the break, hovers in mid-air a troubled soul trapped between life and death. The struggle carved upon his aged face. Dangling beneath him is a beard that would make a Kara-Turan Martial Master envious. He seems to not notice your presence.

Malar's Blight 11/09

Kassia awakes from a horrible nightmare. You witness a druidic challenge and changing of hierarchy. Usually an event that brings little concern, but this time after the battle you witness the blighting of the sacred grove. The grand druid has been defeated by a traitor from among the worshippers of Malar. Your new leader is a lycanthrope of the darkest sort, encouraging the primal aspects of nature with no concern for the balancing approach.

The Queen comes to you moments after you wake. It appears she has been jolted from her slumber and rushed here, because she is barely covered with a see-through robe. The chill night air has her friends standing at attention. “Kasssia “, she whispers,”the enclave is in a state of revolt! We must stop this Cur Dog. I fear the damage already done to the Enclave may not soon be healed or ever, but if we want to live here for long we will have to mount a strike at the heart of his new pack. If he is left to his unnatural urges, there will be no safehome for any druid in the Vilhon. The King has summoned some of his finest champions to the palace to aide us. He will suffer no traitor and will not allow this insurrection to grow beyond the Enclave. You know how he gets. He would have the entire forest turned to grassland in the attempt to quell this situation. He has offered us 3 nights to end this.

Guys: you are woken by your seneschals. They inform you there is a herald from the King awaiting you with matters most urgent. When you get to him, he informs you that you are expected at the palace most haste. The King will fill you in personally.

You stand in the Kings chambers. Around you are your peers and some new faces along with the King and Queen and their personal attendants. The Queen informs you “as we speak there is a siege of the Green Fortress taking place. Will you assist in this battle?

Winter has arrived early in the Vilhon and Auril’s fury has raged across the plains. Her chilling breath leaves in its wake the rozen carcasses of beasts weak and old. The summer rains provided mild temperatures and bumber crops. The beasts of the Vilhon reaped the rewards of such fortuitous weather, many giving birth to record numbers of young. Strong has been the presence ot the wolf populations. With an amplefood source, they seem to have, along with other predatory species, grown in size and numbers. Sign’s of Malar’s presence too is widespread, though attempts to track and locate his creatures have yielded no results. Each town, village, and city in the Phoenix Kingdom has its rumors of shapechangers, wolf attacks, sacrifices, and dark rituals. The Green Enclave has investigated every report/incident, since the Malarites are their greatest enemies, but have not been able to capture or kill a single Lycanthrope. You have been summoned to the palace in Omrath to give council to the King on these matters. Once there the Queen informs you she believes the Enclave has been infiltrated by the Mlarites and its influence may reach its claws to the highest levels. Obviously this information holds dire implications and great consiquences. If the Enclave is being controlled by the worshippers of Malar, they must be stopped. As it would happen, current events have forced you hand. The lead Malarite, Clevius the Traitor, issued challenge to the Grand Heirophant of the Cabal, who had been visiting the Vilhon for a short time, and won. After his victory, Clevius had the Druids body impaled on a pike in a waste pit and revealed himself as the High-Priest of Malar and Chosen of said diety. This insult was the straw that broke the proverbial camels back. The Druids had already been on the verge of revolt but when the visitor had been treated in the fashion in which she was, it insensed those who had faught to stave off the vile malarites. Infighting broke out in the compound, until finally the Malarites emerged victorious. This is the point where you become aware of the situation. The call went out across the Realms from both sides.
At your meeting in the palace, the Queen turns pale and stiffens. A ghostly shape appears as an outline within her shapely form. " Greetings, I am Sylune and I come baring details of the seige on the Enclave fort. My sister, Storm, has sent me with the location and word that things have “turned south” for the People of the Vilhon. The compound appears to be resisting magical attempts to break its shielding. Were-Aurumvorax and other Were-creatures have poured forth and dwindled the allied forces there. Your help is needed immediately. Clevius the Traitor is attempting to summon/awaken some dark creature lost to time. Your Queen has the spell and location to get you within striking range of the compound. Please Hurry!? Before he awakens the Beast."
You arrive just off the battlefield. Though Battlefield seems to stretching it a bit. It appears there may have been a total of around 30 allied forces, mostly Druids attempting to bring down the fortress of living brambles. Only 5 or 6 remain amid the 70 or so corpses, many of which are nude figures. One striking figure stands out amongst the Chaos; a silver-haired beauty, possibly half-elven. She alone seems to be havng success against the fortress. Her last magicks apparently has had an effect, as a medium-sied portal opens just yards in front of her in the fortress wall. She looks back to you seemingly signaling you forward, when the grounds beneath you shudder and tremble with great intensity. Before you, you see massive hole appear and the fortress crumbles into its abyssal depths. Climbing from the pit, the earth still alive with motion, you see a beast of terrifying proportions. Some hundred feet long and 50 or so feet tall, this scaly biped has two enormous horns on its head, a long lashing tail, and a carapace of almost crystalline density. Its toothy maw is filled with keenly sharp teeth, each longer than a greatsword. You feel the need to run when the Bard ofShadowdale brings forth a harp and begins to sing. The ground ceases to shake and the terror in your stomaches subsides, leaving you feeling desperation. Thisbeast must be stopped …. and NOW!
The Phoenix Nobles and their comrades

So Far, our favorite adventures have amassed obscene amounts of wealth and fame. They have fought a diabolical Tarask, Lycans, 2 Avatars, a psuedo-diety, and some other lesser creatures. They have been Nobles of the Phoenix Kingdom, lost it all to include their followers, fought in Myth Drannor, been betrayed by a nation due to an unnatural curse placed on the land by some long lost powerful being. Heroism, Loyalty, Family, Magic, amd Power….yada,yada,yada!

April 17 game

Traveled to Temple Dawnspire
Kassandra was introduced to the prty and joined
Saved Green Dragon From trap in Myth Drannor
Percy, Ece’la, Kassandra, and Arionar in attendance


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