BRD's Foregotten Realms

3/26/11 Game

Need to address the political Structure.
Offer Dresimius and Kristyl’s character a position within the Establishment
Your Homes need to be rebuilt
White shining building on the hill (Elgin’s Shard)
Divi Treasure
Retrieve King Quwens Treasure Cache and escort it back to Omrath. (Located in Deepwing Mountains)
Contact him and let him know when you are en-route back to the city. He will then contact the conglomerate who will then make an offer on the items. The journey within the mountains will be fraught with Peril. You will want to take wagons to bring it back unless you have other means of transporting the treasures. The Mediator representing the conglomerate is a man by the name of Redfern Flight-Arrow a long since removed cousin who refused the old ways and went away to seek his own path. Quwen speaks of this with some shame now. The old ways were not forgiving or lenient. He’ll tell you that he and Redfern have had little contact over the years but they were still on reasonably good terms. Quwen would like to improve their relationship. Redfern would make a valuable connection, he has some strong influence in his world. He is a bit of the suspicious type though and the people he deals with are generally not to be trusted
The treasures will be sold off for building materials and magical tools to accelerate the rebuilding process. Projects will be prioritized with defense and shelter as top priority. Temporary barracks will be built to house work crews (Think rebuilding after a catastrophe. Not FEMA)
Large tracks of land are being utilized for farming to feed the city.
The city-state of Omrath is all that remains as part of the Kingdom. Once the city is rebuilt, attempts will be made
Over the last several weeks, Quwen has slept little. The stress appears to be really getting to him. He even fell asleep during a meeting of area statesmen

to reunify the other cities

Of great importance to the King is the building of a Wizards college , Clerical Sector, Military Academy, and University
Quwen has a more determined look about him these days. If asked about it he’ll say
"I’ve been offered a second chance at life. While on the Fugue Plain Awaiting my deliverance, I witness remorse in its fullest. The next time I go there, I don’t want to be one of those spirits