BRD's Foregotten Realms

Sucker Punched

King Quwen has asked you join him for drinks to discuss some “Issues”
Word has come to you of a Stirring in the Wetwood Forests to the North, from a number of sources. This is nothing unusual given how dense the forest is and all. But something in all of the reports strikes you as odd and bothering, all of the scouts who have looked into this situation have found nothing except a small gold chained medallion baring an all too familiar symbol, that of the Cult of the Dragon
Enter Storm
She is here to follow up on some Rumors she has be hearing and figured she would invite herself for drinks, she brought plenty to share
The party travels to the Wetwood Forest to investigate. They meet Lord Baramar Hydromel (Uber Old Gold Dragon) and Ariel Brightbow (Priestess of Mieliki from Suzaile)