BRD's Foregotten Realms

The Return of the Phoenix Kingdom 1/22/11

A group of Elders have assembled. Elders being a really looseterm. Those who have been appointed to represent the people of the Vilhon are those who during the Cursed Time committed the greatest acts of betrayal.Namely those closest to the family of the Phoenix. Since the sudden return of those who were compelled to flee the kingdom most turned their energies to rebuilding the great kingdom since all semblance of civilization was practically wiped from the land. Each bear in hand a large scroll. On the scroll is written a list of punishments that have been visited upon them by the various families.These punishments were put upon them at their request in hopes of receiving foregiveness from the populace for abandoning their posts and their lords. Last on their list is to present their punishments to the lost lords of the Phoenix Kingdom and receive their foregiveness. They also carry a prism which they inform you is an invitation for you to meet with the Peoples of the Vilhon.
If the party agrees to meet with them…they will be greated in Regal fashion. A makeshift monument has been placed where the King arose from the fires. Before it they have placed a grand podium. Furniture salvaged from the old palace has been assembled for your comfort. Before the podium is positioned three wagons filled with scrolls. Mrs. Amelie von Brut informs you these are all the punishments the citizens have subjected themselves to in hopes of atoning for their transgressions against their Kingdom. Those that’d not subject to the punishments have been banished.
The heads of the Great Houses Anselmo, Athala, Claramond and the head of the Noble House of Wendell had themselves impaled. These were the only deaths.
Amelie calls for one called Randall. She tells you he is the lone surviving member of Noble House Albrick

Though you are quite familiar with the family, the name/ face doesnt strike you as memorable. (If asked he tells the party of his enslavement, rise, and release)
He prostates himself at the foot of the platform awaiting recognition, never making eye-contact. He remains posed as such until told to do otherwise. When acknowledged to do so he speaks "Lords of Omrath and Lady of the Dawn, We the People of the once great Phoenix kingdom, ask you here so that we may ask your foregiveness. A great curse was braught upon these lands. Magicks powerful and old blighted all. Fathers killed sons. Mothers neglected and abandonned babes, the land though tended with care and reverance proferred only rotten crops, servants stole from and fled benevolent lords, kinsmen turned away from kinsmen in time of need. But worst of all we of the Phoenix kingdom YOUR people offered you naught but hate and betrayal when you gave us Hope and Prosperity. We offer up to you these enumerations, sacrifices and torments we have visited upon ourselves in the hopes we could convince you to foregive us and return to your HOME. These are YOUR lands, we inhabit them at your desire. For you are the heirs to the Kingdom of teh Phoenix, that is what King Quwen wanted that is what we want.

And if you don’t believe that, you can ask him yourself. The GODs look upon the Kingdom of the Phoenix this day and saw the sacrifices and love thaat was assembled. Lathander saw in the assemblage the makings of Noble Greatness and swept down into the Fugue Plain and took up King Quwen and delivered him to his people. The King is alive once again.. Long live the King

What was left of the Kings treasury was robbed by a group of adventurers. They go by the name the Waysiders out of Hlondeth. They have at least one wizard of power and a couple great fighters. The Staff known as Percy’s Powerful Pecker was among the many items taken and an intruiging Bow.
The party traveled to Hlondeth where they fought 4 Beguilers, 1 Simpathetic, 2 Dracoliches, 1 Wizard, and 1 Cult of the Dragon fighter. Many items were found in the Dracoliches hoard to include a map leading to the Lair of the Dracolich that got away. Also the wizard left in such a hurry, he forgot his spellbooks.